Profile Doping Cases in Tennis
Profile Doping Cases in Tennis

Tennis is widely regarded as one the very popular sport on earth and unlike other big sports, Tennis comes up succeed seeing gender equality. Both women and men tennis is on level equally concerning vulnerability and cash that’s mostly not true with other significant sports. Both women and men are offered same prize money for all four grand slams which makes it a bench mark model for different sports. Thats even true when players have been captured using prohibited substanses and both women and men face similar scrutiny when captured. We have a peek at a few of the top profile drug/doping instances in recent history.

#1: Maria Sharapova (15 Months ban)

Maria Sharapova considered queen of tennis on and off the field hit the headlines in 2016 when she declared in media conference that she endured a drug test neglect in Australian open that stunned the tennis world. Following Court of Arbitration for Sport heard her situation and originally banned her two decades, many worried her career all but over. But after her ban has been decreased to 15 months from 24 months and he’s been on the back into elite level tennis loads of criticism from the lovers and her fellow professionals.

#2: Marin Cilic (4 Worlds Ban)

Marin Čilić is now playing excellent in tennis grand-slams and excursions. His career best position is (planet no 4). In 2013 International Tennis Federation discovered banned stimulant nikethamide at a sample that he gave. He’s prohibit for 9 months but afterwards he took his case into (Court of Arbitration for Sport). His prohibit decreased from nine months to four weeks just and at precisely the exact same season that he won US Open.

#3: Martina Hingis (two year Ban)

In 2007, by a positive test for a metabolite of cocaine in Wimbledon (grand-slam). She endured two decades suspension in the tennis excursions and grand-slam occasions. However, after two years prohibit she made a fantastic comeback attained the world rank no 1 in doubles.

#4: Richard Gasquet (3 month ban)

Richard Gasquet at 2009, tested positive for cocaine and prohibited for 12 months from the global Tennis Federation. The same as other tennis player Gasquet also took his case successfully into the (Court of Arbitration for Sport). Gasquet’s assert the material in his machine is because of kissing a girls who’d taken cocaine in a night club. After confronting two and half month prohibit (Gasquet) restart his tennis career.

#5: Wayne Odesnik (1 Year Ban)

Wayne Odesnik confront two years prohibit for importing importing human growth hormone in to Australia. The American tennis celebrity prohibit decreased from 2 years to 12 weeks by ITF who stated that he had fully cooperated with its own investigations.